Dr. Othman Alhusain

for Ward 7 - Bay Ward Councillor


  • I will work hard to reach the goal of having well thought, well-planned, well-vetted, and responsibly awarded and financed infrastructure projects. Regarding Infrastructure and major transportation projects, I will exert maximum efforts to rectify the incredible operational faults and disappointing designs, construction, and poor fixture of the LRT system, and to learn a lesson and avoid as much as possible the execution errors in future extensions. I am a strong supporter of building Subway system in Ottawa extending to Kanata and Orleans. I am a strong supporter of bringing the cutting-edge technology of high-speed vacuum trains (1000 km/h) to Ottawa, and to connect West Canada and the Maritime through the axis of Toronto-Ottawa-Montreal.

  • New and renovation infrastructure and transportation projects in our Ward and City are taking ages to complete where our streets are turned upside-down, and our transportation system is disrupted, all this is causing a lot of noise, dust, discomfort, delays, and disruption. I will strive to shorten the execution periods of such projects.

  • I take it on myself, and I will strive to have the City Council executing its duties in an open, transparent, corruption-free and nepotism-free manner.

  • I support long-term care and all other initiatives that serve the interests of seniors, especially, I will initiate gearing up rent to income for seniors, both in city housing and in private rental market.

  • Rent is becoming increasingly hard to come by, not only for low-income people, but also for people who are earning medium income; I will support affordable housing initiatives and seek a freeze on rent increase.

  • I will strive to give citizens residing in Ward 7 -Bay Ward and their civil associations greater say in any development and/or project happening in our Bay Ward.

  • I will NOT support a property tax increase.

  • I support Para Transpo.

  • I support accessibility in all old and new construction.

  • I support childcare initiatives.

  • I support timely maintenance of our outdoor and recreational facilities.

  • I support all initiatives to provide jobs rather than assistance for all who are fit to work.

  • I support all initiatives to create cooperatives to sell basic food items for less, especially for seniors and other low income.

  • I will support reasonable intensification, only after thorough consultation with the community.

  • I support safe zones, especially around schools, nonetheless, noise in Bay Ward and City is getting unbearable, I support all noise reduction initiatives.

  • I support initiatives to have thriving businesses on our main streets, while not disturbing the quiescence of the populated neighborhoods.